Here is the truth: If you want to bring peace and joy into your life, you have to want it. More than anything. There’s no other way.

Fortunately, I’m going to show you how! And the second truth is this: It’s easier than you think.

You might have noticed that you spend most of your time worrying too much, trying too much and thinking too much. This will only lead to heartache. The alternative is simple: Let Go and Release! You’ll live a much smoother and harmonious life if you do. I guarantee it.

The answers to all your questions are not written in any book. They lie in your heart, along with the joy and peace you seek. In this mini-workshop, I will show you how to access these answers so you can begin to enjoy the life you deserve.

We all need more peace in our lives and, remember, when we have inner peace, we will also have world peace. What you do for yourself will always help the world.

It’s time to stop playing the victim game and take responsibility for your life. The moment you do, your life will start to change and life will become easier for you.

Peace is working.

Enjoy the beginning of the road to peace


"I'm so happy! The kitten follows me everywhere and when I say to her "I love you" she caresses and licks me. It's so enchanting! In fact, she lives with me. God and life keep surprising me every time and all the miracles I'm experiencing as well. All I have to say is "thank you". I say goodbye Mabel, thank you very much for all you do for humanity and all there is in the Universe. Thank you for being part of my life. For everything, absolutely everything that I have in my life thank you, thank you, thank you! Peace begins with me!!!".
- Laura

"On October 11, 2012, I attended to a Ho’oponopono seminar for the first time. I decided to give Divinity my 10 - years relationship. My intention was: "For all the “garbage” within, to evaporate". It wasn't a bad relationship at all, but something went wrong and I could feel it.The very same day of the workshop, my husband came back home late and his cell phone was off. I couldn't even think of the possibility, he might have been cheating on me. I just kept repeating “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”. A month later, my suspicion was confirmed. There was another person. I was impressed, I wasn't angry at all, but sad. I confronted him, but he denied it, even though the evidence gave him away. I continued with my mantra day and night. I never got angry. Neither my close relatives, nor he could understand my temperance. Two months later, I left the man I loved and I never lost my peace. Today, my close friends and family tell me that they expected me to be “devastated”. I told them about my secret and today, I am a living testimony. Before the workshop I could have sworn that if I lost the man of my life, I would die. Definitely, a miracle happened! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”.
- Carol

"Hello Mabel, a pleasure to say hello. I loved the workshop, the sweetness in your words, the love and peace that you transmit is indescribable. It is a blessing to know and integrate the Ho'oponopono technique in my life. Thank you thank you thank you. Blessings. I love you".
- Elizabeth

A Mini Workshop on Peace

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