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Now you can experience Ho'opononono in Israel with Mabel Katz.

Just Imagine how you'll feel . . .

Spending nine days with new friends just like you who

●   Seek personal growth

●   Desire peace for themselves and the world

●   Work to abolish obstacles to freedom from limitations of thought

Just Imagine how you'll feel . . .

Spending nine days with new friends just like you who

●   Love being pampered in elegant hotels

●   Delight in new and delicious food

●   Enjoy different cultures and new places

Wow, what a fabulous combination: new friends who are on a spiritual path just like you are, and who also enjoy pampering, new sights, and yummy food.  Ooh, it's sounding pretty good right now, isn't it?

Wouldn't you just love such a trip?  You and your new friends are exploring Israel with Mabel. You're shopping in the Arab souk in the Old City of Jerusalem and taking a dip in the healthy salt water of the Dead Sea.

Check out the Itinerary right now. See what else you'll be doing every day. Look at the pictures of all the places you'll see. Share the itinerary with a friend.

But remember that the actual itinerary of our trip might change.  Since it's a spiritual journey, what we do is guided by our inspiration. Whatever we do will be right and perfect for us. When our hearts are open, magic happens.

And Best of All
This wonderful adventure includes a
Ho'oponopono seminar and teachings with Mabel...

You'll discover how to release limiting beliefs so you can attract and create whatever your heart desires. You'll learn how to remain calm, present, and focused—at peace with what is now. You'll find out how to let  go of the past, erase old memories, and reconnect with that energy that's already inside of you.

And so much more.

Here's what one person wrote after taking a seminar with Mabel:

Hi  Dear Mabel,

I enjoyed the workshop in Tel Aviv so much !  from the minute  you invited us all to dance, at the  beginning  of the day , I knew I'm in the right place !

 Thank you so much for a wonderful day,  afterwards I had this  kind  of silly smile on my face  for the rest of the day…

I  loved your sense of humor together with being very  focused and centered   !

I received what I think is a new tool  for the Ho'oponopono practice  - "living waters" – or in Hebrew - "mayim Hayim "I have being using it, and feel it is good".

Thank you again for everything!

~ Debora from Israel

Of course Mabel will show you how to use Ho'oponopono cleaning tools and talk about when to use them and why they're so effective.

If you're new to Ho'oponopono, these seminars with Mabel will give you a good understanding of this powerful ancient Hawaiian technique for solving problems.

Here's what one woman discovered after meeting Mabel:

I was introduced to HUNA wisdom already in 1990, and practice some of it ever since (through my ku image). However, attending your last seminar in Israel it occured to me  that things are getting faster and faster and an 8 month training is now done briefly in 1 I went on to experience the "2 hours version" of your web seminar and was surprised again, hearing the Q&A again and again, to realize that the very essence of life is so simple and so basic, that it can be done in 2 hours and even less. just few divine rules to follow. And those basic gifts come so cheap and with minimal effort.  In the last phase of mankind experience, it says in the KABBALA writings, every one will know divinity, from infants to grownups, and problem solving will take a split of a second..... (free translation).  So thank you and bless you both for the fast and crystal clear ways you found to deliver those messages and tools of application.

 ~ Dany from Israel

If you've been doing Ho'oponopono for a long time, come prepared to go even deeper, to learn more, to discover your self-identity.

And Mabel will give you plenty of time to ask questions. Questions about your life, your situation, your fears and uncertainties.

Sometimes the answer to just one question can put you on a new path just as it did for Marianne who wrote this to Mabel:

"It has been a wonderous time spend together in Israel.
Thank you so very much.
It has been like Heaven being on Earth.
Thank you very much for all the beautifull experiences
and new tasks to take care of.
Thank you so much."

~ Marianne from Netherlands

One woman, who took a short teleclass from Mabel cleared lots of blocks in just one day. Here's what she wrote to Mabel.

So good to hear from all of you. I miss you all so much. Hilda and I have many conversation about our trip and the wonderful people we met.  I often think of those wonderful days we all spent together the beautiful sites, from the highest mountain all the way to the dead sea. Every moment will be forever engraved in my heart. I did learn so much from all of you. 
To be honest I really did not understand hoponoopono but after reading Mabel book, Internet and conversations with Hilda it much clearer now. I have even purchased a blue bottle for Solar Water.
Until we all see each other again. Thank you I love U.

~ Debora from USA

Now let's put it all together:

You're getting nine days in Israel, touring famous ancient and sacred sites, staying in 4-star hotels in Jerusalem, Galilee, and Tel Aviv . . . and lots of delicious food.

You'll spend lots of time with Mabel learning more about applying Ho'oponopono to your life.

And you'll be making new friends, probably friends you'll stay in contact with long after the trip.

Check out your Itinerary again. 


Register by October 25, 2009

$ 1599 (per person, double occupancy)
$ 1.949 (per person, single occupancy)

Minimum Group Size 15 people.

Information and Reservations

Contact in Spain: 902 362 802

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