Ho'oponopono has made a big difference in my life. I am grateful and constanty trying to learn more to reach a deeper level in love and life.

~Steve, USA

I am living the life of my dreams and I am happy to say you are on my list of persons to admire ... on my MasterMind group. I consult with you, even when you don't know.

~Pamela, Canada

Thank you all so much for your thoughts, words and cleaning tools. I am indeed very blessed to have a husband who loves the cleaning and to have children who are already doing the cleaning. I know Ho'oponopono is the way and the right way for us. I will just let go and let God and trust with all my heart. To all of you I wish you peace and love every day and every minute of your lives, we are all from the same light from the same source connected forever. Mabel you are such an amazing human being, Peace does begin with ME! Thank You I Love you.

~ Elisabete, Qatar

Aloha Mabel, You always seem to write about what I am going through, at the perfect time, so Thank You. I've been cleaning with this situation for the last couple of day's and here you are with the perfect answer. I don't have to feel secure in all that I do or am, I just keep cleaning and letting go. And I keep hearing from within to keep cleaning and God will show me what the next step is, and the next. Thank You Mabel, I Am so Grateful that God has Blessed me with you and all who are on Ho'oponoponoway. Thank You…I Love You. Peace Love & Joy

~ Denise, Canada

Wow Mabel, I am very proud to have been practicing Ho'oponopono for 4 years now, and really subconsciously through my life of 59 years, saying Thank You to good and "not so good" experiences. I am so amazed always about the power of this, and what a gracious lady to work with Mabel. Wow, what a wonderful way to start this year. For the last half year, I also take you to sleep with me as well, I fall asleep listening to you... I Love You very much.

~ Laara, Canada

I am very happy to say that I have been doing Ho oponopono for about 3 weeks and I am surprised to see some things straighten up in my life and surroundings much quicker than what I used to experience with my usual prayer and fellowship with God ... this is the key to what Jesus said ...that we do not receive because we do not know how to ask because we ask for our self and with doubt ....now I have no doubt that I am receiving the pearl of the kingdom
I have also found that it is an ultimate and profound way to hear the messages that God is granting me and I am learning to appreciate how sacred we really are. I am willing to learn as much as possible to help with cleaning here in Mexico. also want donate money to your cause this month but I really do not know how to do it. Please orient me on how and where to deposit the money ... Thank you so much again ….I love you and salute the Divinity in you and your staff. Blessings,

~ Wth Love Diana, Mexico

Yesterday I attended a seminar in Italy with Mabel. Simply GREAT!
The weather forecast said it was going to have heavy fog  on Saturday.
I started cleaning some days before the event asking my Unihipili for help to let go: Dear beloved child,  if it is perfect for me to spend  my Saturday with Mabel, please help me cleaning and letting go of our memories about the fog and if I have to drive with the fog, it will be ok for us.
I woke up early in the morning as I had to drive for 250 miles. There was fog on the turpike but it didn’t’ bother me! Thank you!
After 100 miles the sun shone on my way! Thank you so much!
The seminar was terrific, a lot of cleaning came up! Surprised.
I finally met and kissed and hugged Mabel!
The workshop ended and I had to come back home: dark and FOG again…. the fog swirled thickly around me. I kept cleaning and my Chiquitita ( my car) seemed that she had a radar! In less than 5 hours I was safe at home!
Thank you, Mabel, you are  a precious treasure  for me!  I love you.

~ Donatella, Italy

I'm more playful & happy as I practice letting go! The more I give thanks, the quicker inspiration comes which always leads me to exciting & rewarding experiences.

~ Gloria, USA

Mabel, thank you so much for "everything". I am beginning to have peace most of the time and I feel so light, I am cleaning most of the time and when my mind splis away, I turn the switch on. This is wonderful! I love, I thank you.

~ Nora

My first experience was at the Zero Limit 3 event and I experienced Grace... It was like a light bulb went on and I knew my job was to clean and get clear. I now have shared with bunches of people and they now live the Ho'oponopono way. It is one of the most life changing things I have ever done for myself , my daughter, my family and the world. I love sharing with everyone ! ♥...

~ Carey

Many adults still live in their high school memories- I did for years. Then I stumbled upon Ho'oponopono. Over a period of 3 days while traveling in my car to the town where I grew up, I cleaned on the data of my high school memories and was hooked on the process. Those painful memories were wiped out in seconds. Every time I thought of a siitutation, I cleaned on it until it was gone. It was the beginning of a journey... I have never looked back.

~ Glen

Thank you Mabel
Since taking the Class for the first time May 21-22, 2011, and reading and listening about Ho'oponopono I focus more and practicing letting go and letting God into my life. I spent all the money I have available searching for ways to heal my life. Its a great burden lifted knowing its just to let God into my life. This practice is the answer to 40 years of praying for help. I had to do a lot of things and spend my life savings beforethe Universe sent me Ho'oponopono. I thank God my search is over.

~ Brenda, Canada

I've known about and used Ho'oponopono for a while now and am a healer myself. So when this issue happened (hair loss) and I couldn't really "heal" it for myself I was in great pain and confused. As soon as I found Mabel and paid for my session, sure enough as she said, I immediately began to feel the healing! The immediate healing for me was in not being so depressed. I actually felt some joy! I had been suicidal actually, I'm a bit ashamed to admit due to an incredibly huge betrayal from someone I loved and the sudden hair loss that ensued. It felt like a double whammy and then a tripple whammy that suddenly I couldn't even help myself as a healer either! After our session, within about 3 days... I started not being depressed or suicidal, and I was shocked that even though I was still experiencing a lot of hair loss.. I was at peace. Wow. I'm a long haired girl who considers her hair, well, her best feature. This man betraying me, then my hair falling out just destroyed my will to live. Just too much. Suddenly I was feeling good again. Mabel told me to just "let go", "peace no matter what is happening" and I thought, no way! Until my hair stops falling out I will NEVER do that. Well I did it! Around one month later, most of the hair loss has stopped. GOD BLESS YOU for assisting me in my time of need. I believe your healing may have saved my life. Warmly.

~ Sandy, USA

Hi Mabel, Hi everyone
I’ve bought seminary “Romania in absentee” in Thursday. I have been working next day and in during day I was cleaning like normal and
suddenly, I was feeling completely different. I don’t know how describe this situation, but I felt something enormous went out from my memory. I was also confident myself, I can do this and I’m not lonely in this situation, this was magnificent. In during next day happened something different. I saw people in us reality but  I was feeling  also we are coming from different  century. Thank you Mabel, I’m so grateful for this idea. This was amazing experience in my life.  

~ Norbert, United Kingdom 

I am always amazed how Gods´paths work. Everything we do is because it will prepare us for something bigger. Ho´oponopono is very profound and sacred, I deeply love it and use it nonstop, and I think there has never ever been any more perfect technique. yet it is a tool - for us to move forward, go on, rise and shine above all. The Universe is so rich in a variety, and it has no end and no beginning. We can only imagine what is there waiting for us to unlock. I think God has prepared lots of more. I am looking forward to this never ending freedom journey.
Peace that is I am.

~ Nina, Slovakia

I am so very excited about finally getting this program.
My life is changing so much, thanks to Mabel, Ihaleakala and Ho'oponopono.
I don't say much, but I am moved to tears by the whole thing.
I love you all!!!  

~ Mae, Canada

My dearest, sweetest, most beautiful MABEL.....I truly loved seeing, hearing and feeling your essence in your being, representing the most high...You have a special way of expressing
valuable complex insights into simple basic tools to guide you...I find this to be refreshing and uncomplicated, endearing your audience, and making it all very accessible....Your sense of humor and stories are well intertwined and makes one feel you are coming from  your perception from learned knowledge and  lessons of life ...... 

~ Estherleon, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Thank You Mabel
Through your weekly inspirations, your teleseries, and all that you do and are, you inspire me to keep on keeping on cleaning and letting go. As I listen to your inspirations over again there is always something that has been missed.
You seem to have your own way of turning on the lightswitch, and I Thank you for this gift of you that you share with us. I Love You. Peace Love & Joy

~ Valentina, Italy

ust to thank you for the“MARVELLOUS“ workshop in Oberdorf. Even when I still feel a few obstacles inside me,
I decide to keep on going with Ho’oponopono words, the blue solar water, the light switch, the dewdrop
and so on. It seems just to be the right moment (bad mood at office).
Thank you for your gift and for your humor. It felt very familiar. Soul family.  

Oh yes, we ALL are a gift!!!!!  Lots of hugs  

--RoseMarie, Switzerland

Thanks Mabel for being in may life since just a few days ago. You iluminate may life and now my kids
' 20 and 16.

--María Jesús, Venezuela

Hello Mrs. Katz,
Thank you very much for the constant information that you send.
One week of practice Ho-oponopono and I can say that I have good results.
I love you. Thank you for everything.

--Weselina, Bulgaria

I am feeling gratitude that you are sharing these chapters and I thank you Mabel Katz.
I have studied many different modalities over the last 30 years and most of this I've heard before, but the way you express it is clear and easy to incorporate into daily living and awareness. And I really do want to let go of it all. I feel blessed to have come in contact with you. Sincerely, 

--Regina, USA

Thank you Thank you Thank you...So amazing... just now your email came in. I joined the Flor de Lis Peace movement. It started to rain enormously and I had seen earlier today the wind make a little spiral tornado movement of the sand.. my mind got the message tornado just pop up and are there, just like that. Now the heavy waterrainfall came with heavy lightning and strong power and I stood up with the knowing if I let this be in my fear what it can be, this can harm us people. So I started to stand up and I told the north the west the south the east I put the Flor the Lis on this situation then 4 times more I said to each direction: Northeast I put the flor de lis on this situation, to the eastsouth direction I said I put the Flor de Lis on this situation. The rain was banging on the windows, the lightning was strong, it was darker, and I told my fear with a strong voice I put the Flor de lis on this situation to all directions, 8 in total. And it is done. Then I turned swirling round Thank you I love you Thank you I love you and it calmed down. Now within 15 min the rain has stopped. For me this is a miracle. Thank you for the Flor de Lis to clear all situations.and catastrophes before they fulfill. Thank you so much Flor de Lis for being on this situation.Thank you Mabel and Mirta. Thank you for this beautifull moment in time. Thank you all helpers so much Thank you Thank you Thank you And it is done. Lightswitch Dewdrops All Coleurs xxxxx to you all.

--Marianne, Netherlands


'With Ho'oponopono you will learn to take 100% responsibility. Ho'oponopono helps you to let go of what is not you.' This is from Mabel Katz's book, The Easiest Way. I highly recommend this book and also The Easiest Way To Live. These books have changed my life tremendously!
Peace begins with me.

~ Camelia, USA

I've recently noticed the link to Mabel's official website. WOW!
What a fantastic website it is videos, radio shows, articles it is truly wonderful.
It's the hidden treasure. I call it that because I was not aware till about a week ago
and it is full of treasures to awaken, inspire, remind us to let go and let GOD.
Thank You Mabel, this is perfect. Thank You to all who work behind the scenes creating, administrating, sharing, doing what you do to create these websites and keep them functioning perfectly. Thank You DIVINITY for making this all happen.
Thank You. I Love You. Peace Love & Joy

~ Denise, Canada

Dear Mabel:
It is a great encouragement from you. I am old enough to learn well how to let go and let God no matter what and try to have an easlier life instead of letting myself suffer quite often. I am also one of the members of you. I enjoy reading your books and listening to your sharing of Ho'oponopono teaching a lot.
It reminds me to be more aware of memories playing and responding no, even though I am not good at this yet. You are such an enlightened person. You have an incredible and authentic power beyond words that soothe our souls. Thank you,

~ Tanya, Taiwan

Thank you! I love you!
I have read many, many self-help books, especially in the past year. I'm really looking to resolve some old issues and be the best person I can. I got Zero Limits, which introduced me to Ho'oponopono. I really love the 100% responsibility, your freedom and return to zero are there. I searched the internet for more on the subject and found your book and website, Mabel. I got the three free chapters - most generous, thanks. I want to say this is the very best book for personal growth and development, ever. It's so simple and still covers everything. The little stories you tell are marvelous. I bought the book from Amazon.
Peace and love,

~ Steffy, USA

Thank you, Thank You Mabel. You are such an inspiration to me, and I know for a lot of others. You deliver your messages so very well. I Love You! Thank You for this forum. I would be lost without it! Just keep cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

~ Christine, USA

Hi Mabel,

I am Elena, from Romania and I want to tell you some of changes that occurred in my life in the last 6 months. I heard about Ho'oponopono last year and I read Zero Limits by Joe Vitale in October 2010.

I was on a course with you in October 2010, March 2011 and last weekend June 2011.
Ho'oponopono changed my life, changed me.

1. Beginning for me, it was not easy to say moment by moment Thank you or I love you ..... , but now it is easy.

2. Until February 2011, I woke up at 5.30 am, every morning, I arrived at the office at 7,30 am and I came home after 11,00 pm. Now I wake up when I can and I am not staying in the office after 6,00 pm (and I solve all tasks).

3. 90% of  my colleagues always avoided me because I was in conflict with them (I work for a big company, 3500 employees). In the last six months I had only three conflicts (minor) and my colleagues are very nice with me. I detached from all the problems that are here and this is a state that still I am not confortable (and I still clean).

4. Many people asked me: What do you do?, What do you take? (drugs?!), What do you eat? Because now, all the time, I smile or make jokes. (I didn’t do this until 6 months ago)

5. Until February 2011, I was living with my brother who is HIV positive. I was afraid to let him live alone. On February 7, 2011 I moved into a new apartment and I still clean with my fears.

6. Inside of me is peace and I can sleep.

I am sorry for my English, I still learn. Thank you for all and especially for appearing in my life.

~Elena, Romania

Dear Mabel, I have just finished reading the Easiest Way to Live and I would like to express my gratitude to Mabel for writing such an insightful and inspiring book. I have read Zero Limits and watched the Zero Limit III DVD that Joe Vitale a few months ago released as a download product but I would say that I am pretty new to the Ho'oponopono process. I just read these two books and would like more.

Thanks a lot. 

~Max, Switzerland

Aloha, I signed up for this~~ and the results are really amazing~~~ Thank you so much everyone for this!!
~^^~ xo POI,

~Yuetching, Singapore

Hi Mabel Thank you so much for this beautiful Zero Frequency Tele-Coaching Series. It has opened me to so much more understanding of what our cleaning does for us individually and as a whole. It's all about God and what a humble and magnificent way to live and move and have our beingness in the world . To clean and be inspired with Divinity's Love for us The way you explain things Mabel is inspiring, because I feel you speak to that part of us that knows itself and it's a blessing to have you as our inspiration. Thank You for your joy as you share your stories and what you are learning as well. As I listen again to the teleseries, many things that I missed in the original call are coming to light, I am so grateful for all that you have shared and, like Cyrus say's, SHINE ON. Thank You. I Love You. Peace Love & Joy

~ Denise, Canada

Thank you Mabel for making such a huge difference in my life and help me trust! I love you! POI,

~ Mara, Brazil

Mabel, you are beautiful inside and outside. Thank you Mabel for your support, for your love, for your inspiration. I love you Mabel. Thank you thank you thank you thank you, God bless you.

~ Daphna, Israel

ReginaM said

Woo-hoo! Love this one. Thank you, Divine Love, for this awesome message you have sent through Mabel.
You are a miracle, Mabel is a miracle. "I AM" is a miracle! And you can take that to the bank!
You better believe that I TRUST!
I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!I love you!  

~ Regina

The series was extremely insightful and helpful. Mabel was very gracious in sharing her wisdom and I learned a lot. I encourage anyone thinking of taking a seminar with Mabel to go for it. You won't be disappointed!

~ Thomas, California, USA

Thank you Mabel and Mirta for offering this lovely session. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn this practice. It has helped me tremendously. I am blaming less and cleaning more. Things are getting clearer with each passing day. Everybody around me seems happier too! That's the best part. PS the best advice was to QUIT TALKING. I needed to hear that. I really appreciate your sincere dedication to help others. All the best for a CLEAN 2011!

~ Laurie, Connecticut, USA

Hi my name is Bruce and I live with my 11 year old son on the Gold Coast, Australia. I have been practicing Ho'oponopono now for approx. 3 months and have had many many wonderful experiences. Since practicing I have reduced my work days to 2 days a week and I now spend 5 days with my son. We have become so much closer and have attracted a lot of his friends to spend time with us too. I am the happiest I have ever been and I am extremely excited to be here and to share. Thank you so much. I love you.

~ Bruce, Australia

Hi everyone
I'm after seminar  with Mabel  in Bristol. This was the magnificent experience in my live and I m very grateful for this. I learn how be better and better person in my life and how be  more effective person in my live. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this, Mabel. Love,

~ Norbert, United Kingdom

Aloha Mabel,

Thank you for your Inspiration- I am grateful to have you in my life, I am grateful for your support, your teachings, your perfect being, your perfect forum creation.

I am happy right now, and every moment to follow, thank you for the "now".

I love you "I", I love you "God", I love you "Unihipili", I love you "Aumakua", I love you "Life", I love you "Moment", I love you dear "Memories", I love you "Happiness", I love you "Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono"

Peace of I,

~ Nathan, Hawaii

Thank you for all the calls.  I felt I learned so much and grown so much in the last 2 months since I been working with you and know slowly starting to understand what does peace mean.  I'm blown away by all the magic everyday in my life and forever grateful for all your help.

~ Winnielee, Canada

I want to thank you for all that you are, all that you do, your devotion and commitment to a way of life for many of us. This is it, for myself anyways, because I can only speak for self. I am so grateful to have found a way of life that resonates with my soul.Cleaning is all we have to do, and it feels so, so perfect. I was at work the other day and the thought "It's all about God" came to mind a few times throughout the day. I get it, I understand like I've never understood before. I've been living Ho'oponopono since March of 2009 and it's been a life of gratitude. I have no questions at the moment because I know that when we clean the answers come from within.Divinity let's us know one way or another. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, all of you for the beauty, Love and truth that you share On a  continuous basis. I wish you all Peace and Blessings

~Denise,  Canada

Thank you Mabel for your email.

I am a wizard now. I can do magic things. People and animals came to me to heal them. Today a dog came directly under my chair and when I left, he left too. I was cleaning with my thoughts about him all the time and I touched his head. In the afternoon a co-worker came in my space and I put my hands arround her head and she felt better, and i took the head each to another co-worker twice, with my hands, breathing and thoughts of cleaning.

And I have a lot of more stories about the people whom I cleaned with my thoughts. I keep cleaning and I use almost all the tools you gave me. Fly paper is one of the most used ones. I notice people don't remember things I still remember. Fly paper is deleting almost everything.

I don't have anymore back pain crisis, no more cervical spondylosis, and I use my eyes muscles to see now. I gave up my glasses after 26 years. I read spirituality now and all makes sense to me now.

Thank you Mabel, it's amazing.

Love you

~ Irina, Romania

My name is Angelica (Angi), and I am from Romania. I bought your e-book, The Easiest Way.

First of all, I want to tell you that you and Dr. Ihaleakalá have changed my life. And I say that not because I experienced some miracles in my life since I use ho'oponopono (4 day ago), but because now I see the people and the world with different eye. And I have much more Peace now, when I know that everything is in ME.

~ Angi, Romania

Mabel,  I have been through some of your teleseminars and asked questions on them and email you personally. You even directed me to Marvin at one point. Of course my "problem" to clean has money. I have really learned there is no out there and about taking responsibility for everything. To me it seems the mope I looked for a job the worse the economy became, until an usual set of circumstance lead to get my now perfect job which I love and as you say in your talks doesn't even seem like work at all.

My point is that it seems that I am responsible to the economy otherwise I would have never found this job.

Thank you
I Love You

~ Sean

Last week I was surfing the web looking for more information on Ho'oponopno.  I came across the pre seminar offer and since it was only $5 I decided to listen to see if I liked what Mabel had to say. 

I am a lecturer, world traveler, medium and psychic. I teach students around the world about spirituality and how to tap into their intuition.  I have heard almost (but not quite) everything on the subject of personal process and spirituality.  However.......recently I have found myself facing troubled waters.  I have a store, a spiritual center, an internet business and I lecture and see personal clients.  The rough financial times have worn me out and old hurts (I thought I was long past) have resurfaced.  So here I am, the wounded guru limping along and so tired I really did not think I am actually helping anyone!

Now you have the picture.  I downloaded the preview and clicked the button.  After about 5 minutes I began to multitask, listening and working on my internet store.  I wish to make the point that my conscious brain was not listening but my soul was.  I snapped to attention when Mabel was talking about putting fears in a room and turning on the light.  Although I thought (stress think) that it was simplistic, my soul shoveled all my fears, financial, spiritual, personal into that room and flicked on the light.  I felt so free of all of the things that had been weighing me down.  I sat for a minute and just smiled.

Right after listening I made a call and resolved a long time negative relationship, I contacted some vendors and quite easily arranged terms on a debt that had been a great burden to me and I realized that by thinking that my store was not doing well I had made it an uncomfortable place for my customers, so I took out a small ad with the little money I had and last Saturday we had the biggest money day in our 7 year history!  Not only that but orders began pouring into my internet store so I could afford to sign up for the 4 week teleconference!
I have walked many spiritual paths but this has been truly amazing!

Thank you Mabel!!

Blessings and Love,

~ Amy

Money just found me!

This 's how the story goes: A lady from the UBS called my mother at 8am today, asking if she was a relative of mine (we have the same last name, not a very common one here in Switzerland). She explained that she had been looking for me for at least 5 years, that I have a UBS account that hasn't shown any activity for a decade - and that I please call her.
That's what I did, and guess what? It's about an account I established in 1985, and there's still money on it. Actually, some 4'000$... AND THAT MONEY FOUND ME TODAY. Isn't that amazing?!! I didn't even know that this account existed, and when calling the lady I didn't expect that there was money in that account.

Again, and again and again: The healing work you are spreding in the world, that is God's gift to you, is such an incredible gift to the world!

Not only that, but I'm able to become more and more a catalyst for MY clients by doing the cleaning on myself - I have received an incredible testimonial on my website. A client of mine in debts you can't imagine (had several properties, houses etc. she couldn't sell, mother of 3, credit card debts etc.) was able to sell one of her houses after only ONE session with me, and within 10 days, and that in today's economy and in the actual real estate market of the US. - I am personally blessed by the healing work as well!

I did a lot of cleaning, and what I learned from Ho'oponopono and especially from you: NO EXPECTATIONS. There are so many ways how money can come in - once we do the cleaning work...

Thank you God, and thank you Mabel!

Much love and light to you,

~ Heike, Switzerland

Thank you so much for the series, Mabel. I have experienced a major shift within and I am so grateful!

I'm actually putting my passion into action.

~ Donna

"I felt so loved and nurtured by Mabel's beautiful voice, wisdom and energy."

~ Christi E., Dayton, Ohio, United States

"When Mabel shared this, I felt something in my body and being immediately shift. I am so grateful for this awareness and healing."

~ C. Huynh, Los Angeles, California, United States

You and Dr. Ihaleakalá are teaching the "how to" to experience what we all are seeking and the way to experience the life that we all are seeking. I know of no one who lives life as it was intended to be lived and is more honest about what that entails than Ihaleakalá, and I know of no one who is living and teaching this way of life more effectively that YOU Mabel.!


~ Jimmy


Keep doing what you are doing it's helping me become a better person.

~ Denise

I am absolutely excellent. I thank you for the teleseminars.
I listen to them all the time.  I use all the cleaning tools as much as
I can. My energy is always high. I love you.

~ Hazel

 Mabel, I salute the divinity in you!

Thank you for another beautiful class. I felt very much in tune with you and was able to perceive how you put your heart and soul into your teachings.
You are here with us, yet many light years ahead of us , so willing to impart your knowledge so lovingly. Again GRACIAS!

~ Hilda, Los Angeles

Dear Mabel,

I would like to say thank you for your help out in the call tonight. This experience was able to give me insight into how I had missed out on many experiences in my life because of the choices that I made when I was younger. A big cry helped to clear some of the old and allow in some new.

I think you have a wonderful human approach which is lovely to listen to, and I hope that in my communication I can one day create a similar warmth.

~ Helen

Thank you for being such a beacon of light to me and everyone (o: I truly feel like I've been prepared all these years to be able to receive the knowledge of the Ho'oponopono process.  I love that's it's so simple.  And I love that I'm 100% responsible.  It brings me hope!  Everything I've learned about everything has come together for me in this one system, the Ho'oponopono.  I am deeply grateful!

~ Christina

Just want to say a big THANK YOU for an amazing call! wow wow wow wow wow. Beloved Mabel, I am so grateful! Joanie....thanks for all you do! This was SUCH a deepening for me.

~ Chansonette

Aloha Mabel, Thank you!
Thank you for your clear and simple way of explaining this wonderful practice of self-transformation and for reminding us to clean- clean-clean moment by moment.
I love you.

~Donatella, Italy

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