Two weeks ago I received some very bad news. I found out that a client, for whom I had completed his taxes prior to the contributions deadline, wanted to reactivate his account. There was a problem: the corresponding internal rental revenue department did not allow him to do so, because apparently, they did not reflect any contributions declared for the 2011 year.
In conclusion, it was a debt of $6,000USD, plus penalties and interests of three years. Even though my mood was on the floor, I remembered your words from the seminar I attended in Quito and I tried to let go of my worries. I even shared it with my mother, because she too attended the seminar. We dedicated ourselves to clean with different tools, “thank you”, “I love you” and we meditated with our inner child. Every time they would postpone the meeting with my client, I would be thankful because I appreciated the additional time to clean. Today I received the excellent news that everything was resolved. I did not have to appear, because in one of the documents that I presented to them, there was a very detailed and clear note in which I indicated the steps to follow. So they determined that it was neither my fault nor responsibility.
Thank you, thank you and thank you!
Today I feel relieved, because I did not have to use the money I had saved up to pay for the client’s owed taxes.
The Peace of I.

- Ma. Augusta, Ecuador

Hi everybody!
Some days ago I started practicing Ho'oponopono, moment by moment. The last two days something very special happened to me. Apparently, I kept memories of guilt regarding the relationship with the father of my daughter, because he cheated on me. Suddenly, I read a message, I felt lighter and I repeated “Thank You”. Today, searching on Facebook, I saw an article on how to eliminate stretch marks. I have a few due to my pregnancy. Suddenly, I closed the article and realized how much I love my body, and how grateful I am to have my daughter in my life. Thank youuuu, thank youuuu, and thank you!!!

- Mercedes, Puerto Rico

I want to share about my overcoming experiences. Since I was a child I have been hearing that I was clumsy and not good at sports. Consequently, I have always been clumsy and not very good at sports. I attended Mabel’s workshop in Madrid last November. Coming back home, a friend of mine asked me to run the marathon of San Silvestre. At first I thought, I can’t run 10 kilometers, but then I didn’t think about it so much anymore and I accepted it.  This would be a great opportunity to clean memories. On December 27, 2014, I ran the marathon. I cleaned during the entire race. In my mind, I just kept saying, thank you, thank you,
thank you
. There were many “thank you” during the 10 kilometers. As far as my kids, friends and even me, it wouldn’t have been possible, but I made it. Here is another short testimony: I live in Portugal. The sea is so cold that I immediately get cold. I love the sea but due to my fear of getting sick, I do not do it very often. Well on January, 3, 2015, I went to the beach with some friends just to have a walk and contemplate its beauty. While I was there I cleaned on everything I saw. A friend of mine went swimming (we had 6 degrees). Then the other one went swimming too (she is a doctor and had explained us there wasn’t any danger at all regarding swimming in cold water).I thought this it is another opportunity to clean. There is no reason to get sick, and this is a memory too. I went swimming and I enjoyed it like I was a little girl. I cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned. The next day I woke up healthy and did not even have a sore throat or a cold. That memory was erased by God.

- Lauren – Spain

Aloha, Dear Mabel,
Since I was a child, I knew that God gave me this body to accomplish a very special mission; to make amends from the past. I can remember being in other bodies in the past, but especially in one of them, in which I was Jewish. I betrayed the light, becoming myself dark, killing and being cruel.
Why wasn't I able to accomplish my mission yet? I don't know but now Ho'oponopono, from you, I let go and let God. I do know I found my way and everything else I give it to God. I will keep going, and it will be in God's time.
I know there are no coincidences. Divinity always told me, that when I was an adult, I would know about a woman that would help me in my inner search. Today I know it's you.
Happy Holidays! A warm embrace

- Ivan – Mexico

Hi Mabel!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your example and dedication in reminding us, “What is the way! It is unbelievable how we forget and get hooked up with the movie.

The mobile app is wonderful, because it is always visible and on hand. It reminds me to clean and especially in these days, as I need “intensive cleaning." This is due to my family having a difficult and painful family situation. My mother is suffering a very important senile decay, with some episodes of verbal abuse. I copied the image of The Flor de Lis, and I put it as wallpaper in my cell phone. I can see it all the time and I clean, clean, clean. Not only am I calmer, but it seems that my mother is better!!

Another idea came to me; to send to my relatives, the image of PEACE BEGINS WITH ME, by WhatsApp, with The Flor de Lis, wishing them a HAPPY 2015.

Thank you for being here for me!
I love you. Thank you.
Peace on the World

- Silvana - Argentina

Hi there! I would like to share with you that I knew about this technique through a Mexican writer that mentioned it in a course. Then I decided to look for more information because something inside of me made a click and that is how I found Mabel’s website. After two years, last year I had the possibility to attend to one of Mabel’s seminars and since then I have been practicing it a lot more. This year God gave me the gift of being in the spiritual tour with Mabel and Veronica (September, 2014). It was beautiful and nice and miraculous things have been happening to me since I repeat “thank you” and “I love you” all the time. I used to say: “I cannot” and now I say: “I can”. This technique is truly the easiest way, thanks God and all the things and people you put within arm’s reach. Thank you, Mabel. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. 

- Alis Lopez, Mexico

Today I arrived to Madrid- Barajas’ airport. While picking up my luggage with my energy at the fullest (I cleaned ceaseless for almost 4 hours) and a big smile (people looked at me and smiled. Many of them got closer, maybe to get that nice energy God was giving to me). With my heart slowly beating I said: “Hello my dear Madrid… I came back to visit you…. How beautiful are you!” And for the first time and a female voice Madrid told me: “I love you". A tear cam, and I went into a deep state of calm. 
Daily from when I was a child, the spiritual world speaks to me, that‘s normal for me. But I don’t know why this other divine “event” has brought me a beatitude of other plans: I cannot even describe it… I just keep cleaning … and enjoying…
Thank you Mabel for your cleaning. It always comes through loud and clear. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you I love you.

Of course my dear Mabel I’m looking forward to seeing you here in my beautiful city of Madrid November, 29th &30th for your seminar! 
Woooooooooooooow!! … I’m very excited about it! 
Thank you, thank you, 

- Francesca DX, Italia

My husband had 15 years of smoking, in fact when I met him, he was already a smoker. It bothered me a lot, I started to say "thank you"... He no longer smokes today, he has completely stopped smoking. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

- Vivian, Colombia

Aloha dear friends,
I am going to tell you a funny story that happened to me this afternoon.
We (my husband, daughter and me) went bike riding from home to the supermarket close to our neighborhood. I took my cell with the arm holder and headphones. I chose a recording from Mabel to listen while riding my bike. When we were coming back and were close to our neighborhood, I was listening to a part where Mabel was saying…"God has a great sense of humor" and I was thinking how he could have sense of humor? And, would you like to know what happened right after that? I felt and stamped myself on the ground hahaha. I felt on my knees!! Instead of crying cause of the pain, I started to laugh! My husband and daughter stopped right behind me and helped me to stand up. It could be worse. Obviously, I immediately started to clean. It really didn't hurt that much. I even went back on my bike and rode the rest of the way till we get home… and I laughed too, all the way back. God definitely has a sense of humor!!! hahaha. He just wanted to show me that there is no better thing that letting go and letting Him take the control of our lives… but in a funny way, hahaha. I still laugh every time I remember this experience, hahaha.
Thank you God♡ I love you ♡ I am in your Divine Hands♡

- Claudia, USA

Hello Mabel! I met you in March this year, and in June I attended the Saturday’s seminar in Buenos Aires... it was really wonderful!!! I'm from Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz... I work in the oil industry, but after attending the seminar, I asked for divine guidance regarding my current job and I received answers!!! So, I tell you that I started working part-time and on 11/01 I’ll leave this job to allocate 100% to something I like and thanks to you I restarted, pastry making!!! I do not worry, I know that God will provide me and that a new stage is beginning in my life, everything I needed and looked for, was found thanks to Ho'oponopono.

- Vanessa, Argentina

Hello. Good day... I just wanted to share with you... 
This morning I was on the way to leave my daughters to school... and was talking to them about seeing an interview where you were asked if Ho'oponopono could cure cancer. You answered that you did not know, but that you could assure that even having cancer they would be at peace... so you were asked what the purpose was if they were going to die of cancer anyways and you answered them that we were not a body... 
My daughter, the youngest, said at that time that IF THEY DIED THEY WOULD BE IN A BETTER PLACE. She is 7 years old... it really surprised me ... THANKS FOR EXISTING.

- Veronica, Mexico

Aloha dear Ho'oponopono family! 
I really don't have a big list of cleaning miracles, but I like to share those cleaning miracles that left my mouth wide open… like in shock 
On Monday I had an appointment because my right ear was clogged and it was bothering me at the point that I was not been able to hear as usual. I checked on the display how much I would have to pay and it was a range between $59 and $89 just for ear wax removal. I filled out the forms they gave me cause it was my first time there. Thank God I didn't have to wait that much. The doctor called me. She checked both ears and she confirmed that my right ear had ear wax blocking the way. She cleaned both ears. I asked her how much I had to pay and she told me that she had to charge me $89 cause it was my first time. I immediately started to clean and I told God, "you know… I am not going to worry about how much I have to pay. I am not going to worry. I am not going to worry!Unable to render embedded object: File (” The doctor told me that she really had to charge me $59 plus $89 cause she used an instrument to remove the wax besides the flushing kit. I kept repeating… “I am not going to worry, I am not going to worry, I am not going to worry…” while she looked for the right amount. And here comes the miracle….SURPRISINGLY, the doctor turned to me and told me…”You know what, I am only going to charge you $59) not found.!Unable to render embedded object: File (” I was so happy and proud of myself that I really trust and God took control of a situation in my life and surprised me with the answer to my prayer. How come no trust in God?) not found.! 
Thank you ♡ Thank you ♡ Thank you God ♡ I love you with all my heart♡

- Claudia, USA

My life has changed dramatically since I practice all this. My relationships with the world, my family and my surroundings have improved a lot too. I'm happy... I take care of myself, something I’ve never done at all before... I used to think that the world was against me... that my kids controlled my life... Now I know that who was against the world was me... Regarding my kids I discovered they are a blessing and they are only here to remind me and teach me that I shouldn't stop being a little girl. I love being with them, they are the best gift. It has set a standard in my marriage too. As my husband works abroad I got into a crisis... insecurity, instability... I was about to go crazy and I said to myself: " Enough is enough... It has to change for the better". Ho'oponopono came into my life. I didn't look it. My relationship improved dramatically. I stopped expecting to be happy... I don't suffer from the distance and I let go everything that hurts me. I realized that God would bring me what it's right and perfect for me if I did it. The other day my husband told me that he could feel my happiness and that made him happy too. And I said: "WOW! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
God bless you!

- Siu Lin, Peru

Dear Mabel, 
I want to share with you one of my experiences that happened two weeks ago. I decided that my older daughter who is 19 years old had to learn to drive, so I hired a driving instructor who was recommended by a person of my trust. 
There were ten classes at all, at the middle of the course the instructor tells my daughter that the following class she wouldn't be able to come and for her not to lose the day she would send a substitute instructor. 
She took her driving class with the substitute teacher but at the moment she had to enter the car to the garage, accidentally grazed the pillar entry with the car's mud guard causing it a dent of medium importance. 
When I came back from my job, my daughter was very worried and told me what had happened. At the very beginning I felt a lot of anger and disappointment and I was very fearful about how much money would cost to repair it. Then I started to clean and let go... That day I repeated THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU hundreds of times... I toll that to my fear, my anger and my rage...
That night my daughter received a phone call from her driving instructor, asking her how things had gone. She told her what had happened. Immediately after, the instructor talked to me and she apologized for not being there and also told me not to worry about anything because she would take care of the re repairing charges, and also she offered my daughter more driving classes for free. 
I was in shock. God's gift surprised me, this is the Ho'oponopono, it surprises us every day if we are only willing to trust, let go and clean.
Thank you Mabel for being part of my life...
I can't wait to see you in Cordoba, Argentina.
A big huge of love, 

- Rubén. Córdoba, Argentina

Dear Mabel,
Two weeks ago I received some very bad news, for me. I found out that a client, which I had completed his taxes prior to the contributions deadline, wanted to reactivate it, but the corresponding internal rental revenue department did not allow him to do so, because apparently they did not reflect any contributions were declared for the 2011 year.

In conclusion, it was a debt of $6,000US, plus penalties and interests of three years. Even though my mood was on the floor, I remembered your words from the seminar I attended in Quito and I tried to let go of my worriedness. I even shared it with my Mother, because she too attended the seminar. We dedicated ourselves to clean with the glass of water, with the “flypaper”, “thank you”, “I love you” and we meditated with our inner child.

Every time they would postpone the meeting with my client, I would be thankful because I appreciated the additional time to clean. Today I received the excellent news that everything was resolved. I did not have to appear because in one of the documents that I presented to them was a very detailed and clear note in which I indicated the steps to take. So they determined that it was neither my fault nor responsibility.

Thank you, thank you and thank you!
Today I feel relieved because I didn’t have to use the money I had saved up to pay for the client’s owed taxes.

The Peace of I.

- Ma. Augusta, Ecuador

Hi Mabel - Good evening.
I don’t want to make this a very long message. It’s been approximately one year since I've been practicing Ho’oponopono. I gravitated towards this technique by Joe Vitale’s book, “Zero Limits”. After reading the book, I've heard diverse audios and many things on the internet, until I found you. I have not yet been fortunate enough to attend one of your seminars, but I want to tell you what happened after hearing you speak last week. Tuesday, was the day of your talk in Spanish, I only got to hear a bit, but immediately after, the following happened. I received a call from my father, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer with hepatic metastases. His Doctor had told him that the traces of cancer in his blood have decreased, and that most probably they will be reducing the frequency of his Quemo treatments. It was such magnificent news. My father is healing. Economically speaking and work wise, I was encountering a difficult situation, with a huge shortage. I was at a job were I felt undervalued, but I decided to change my thoughts and love my job instead, because good or bad it was giving me that which I needed to live. Today, without me even asking for it, my boss called me into his office to offer me a promotion and a raise. I was like WOW! The first thing I thought was: "Ho’oponopono does work!!!" Thank you, Mabel, for supporting so many people in this process of transformation and healing. I wish with all my heart that I would be able to attend any of your seminars, very soon. Let’s continue to clean, non-stop.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Ivone - Mexico

I have been following you for a while now, thru all your talks, your radio programs and interviews. I have also read your books.

I’m an insurance sales person in MAPFRE Insurance and I had a problem with one client. I received notification that the company cancelled my user access code to continue selling insurance. This has been my job for many years! The client retracted her complaint against me, but I believed it was too late, as the company decided to cancel my code, not allowing me access.

“I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you”

I let go, trusted and waited. God manifested, immediately. They reinstated my code, giving me once again access, allowing me to continue working.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

- Vivian Olarte, Colombia

Hi Mabel, It’s been a long time since I’ve been following you and I want to tell you what happen with Ho’oponopono.

I knew of Ho’oponopono, about 2 year ago, but I only practiced it once in a while, and I didn’t know as much as I do now. I want to share that a little while ago I broke my elbow. It was very serious, I had to have a surgery and have prosthesis (Nuts & Bolts). Well, I broke the head of the radio & part of the dial, for a long while I’ve been repeating often “Thank You, I Love You” and I continued to do it when I was in the hospital.

It wasn’t until I revisited the Doctor that I told him, I believed the home therapy I was doing was not doing me any good. He asked me “Do you not understand the seriousness of what you have in your elbow?” When I got home, I remembered a nurse at the hospital that I kept asking her to do things for me, and I finally told her “I ask too much”. She gave me a steady and serious look and said “No, if I was in your place, most likely I would not be so calm”.

It was then, when I realized what Ho’oponopono did for me, to not see the problem, to be at peace and not worry.  I now want to continue to give permission to continue to erase.


- Tari

Thanks friend for your message, you would never imagine how timely it was because sometimes even though I know all the cleaning tools and especially the vibrations of love, the ego betrays me and I can react with you, you really are a blessing. I tell you this story because I know how much you like to know about how it works to children, my granddaughter had asked me if she could say “sorry, forgive” to her dad when he scolded her, and I said that she could and that it was very good, and a few days later she tells me that since she says that to her father when he fights with her about something, he shuts up and says it's fine, do not do it anymore, "but grandmother, he says that to me softly," she is so pretty, she is only 9 years old and she already perceives emotional changes, see, it is true that children have to be taught about it, I have faith that someday there will be someone receptive who understands the importance of children to feel safe having this tool. I leave you because I know you surely have a million messages, a kiss; I love you, thank you.

- Silvia

Hi there.
I wanted to share with you a very nice story.
My son lost a shoe and I got tired of searching for a week, so I stopped and I said out loud so it could hear me: – I will search no longer, please show up, you find yourself the way so I can see you, but I got tired of looking for you (I spoke to the shoe) and I said: I love you, thank you, thank you.
Ok, today, two days later, I had to bend over to pick something up, and I wasn’t even thinking about the shoe, and suddenly ... Zuas! The show shows up. I could not help but laugh out loud; I kissed the show and said: You did very well, I love you. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
My husband laughed because he heard me two days ago asking the shoe to appear. Thanks for reading.

- Yesmi

Dear Klara:
The series of 30 days is not the first resource from Mabel translated into Hungarian that I have and I'm taking it as a sponge to water.
Also the books - thank you Klara - which I can read in Hungarian. They are fantastic, useful, interesting and effective.
Every time I see and read them, I find further information.
I can always discover something new.
Ho'oponopono has become part of my life. I'm cleaning daily and caring the relationship with my inner child.
My life has changed a lot since I chose the easiest way. Some issues have been resolved, for which I couldn’t see any possibility.
Thanks for the opportunity to clean every day.
Thanks for sharing the method and possibilities with me and with others who want to experience the infinite love and inner peace.
Thanks Mabel. Thanks Klara.
Thank you. I love you.

- Ibolya Zombori

Thanks Mabel and Monica, for the videos and for all the contribution. It has been very valuable to me.
A very short story that I want to share:
Yesterday morning, at that time that you do not know if you're awake or if you're still asleep, I had a sort of inspiration, crossing from the left to the right hemisphere, like going from one room to another room. This one was completely empty, I closed the door to keep out unwanted noises and I found an incredible peace, I said “okay, now I know a quiet place within myself to meditate and find peace at any time of the day”.
Maybe it's another tool.
That's the story I wanted to share, it filled me with peace and happiness.
Thanks for everything.
Blessings and much love. Greetings.

- Fredy

In these eleven months I have found that what you teach IT DOES WORK. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
In my case, it removes the fears, anxieties or distress that could happen to me. I turn off the monitor. Most of my desires are fulfilled. Now I'm very happy and my environment is ok.
I had a childhood and adolescence full of fears and anxiety, that pushed me down into a severe depression at the age of 18 ... TM (Transcendental Meditation) saved me somehow...
I tell you something personal. I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation for 30 years, from February 1980 to December 2009. It has given me many benefits, I am truly grateful...
But for me, personally, Ho'oponopono is more effective in solving problems and fulfilling desires.
I had a stroke in January 2010, which paralyzed half of my body. I'm still in physical therapy and rehab, but I've improved a lot...
It seems that my brain had been reset or reconfigured.
We already have the new house. It's pretty. We moved on June 10...
I hope you enjoy your stay in Lima,
A huge hug,

- Santiago Alponte, Peru.

IT WORKS!! Dear Mabel, beyond I have checked and tested it in my life in six months, despite that I was robbed five thousand dollars before coming to the seminar, then...
God was giving me a sign. Today my daughter got the money to buy her house, which was my goal practicing Ho'oponopono, this might serve as an anecdote for those that are new or those who may think “does it work?”, YES, it works, God gave me a message "on Saturday you were robbed, but I'll send you even more".
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. God bless you always. See you soon. I have my peace.

--Beatriz, Argentina.

I'm 17 and I came from Chile. I practice Ho'oponopono since I'm 16. My teacher, I've heard the recordings you sent me about "Waking up" and I've heard you talking about the book "The Mastery of Love" and I said myself: "Why not to read it?". I haven't finished reading it yet, but what I have already read served me enough to have no doubts, thanks to what I learnt. I learnt that almost everything bad happening in my life is because of fear; As soon as I got to that I asked the Divinity to please heal in me all the memories and ideas that generated fear. I focused my cleaning on fear and I felt like a kid, little and free. I felt that the past and future didn't exist, I felt too much happy and thankful. I closed my eyes and thanked to God for everything happening in my life, and I said Him that I loved Him. I feel that thanks to this understanding I took an important step in my life. I'm determined to clean a lot to know who I am and to accomplish my destiny. I also knew that I had to help a lot of people, teacher. Really, my words can't express how grateful I feel, I'm really happy, I thank you for everything, from my heart. If I haven't met you and learnt from you, I know I wouldn't be who I am. Once again, thank you very much. I love you very much. Thank you from my heart.



I had a new experience regarding health.

Since I was 15 I suffer from migraines. First I see spots and then I have a strong headache and feel nauseated, this leaves me weak and I end up in bed for a few hours. We were never able to know why I have these pains; I mean, we do not know what causes it. These pains are irregular, sometimes twice a week, once a month, once a week, etc.. Well, I applied two tools to heal myself: the "indigo blue" with "dewdrops". Once applied, the pain lasted less than an hour and I could do my activities without problems throughout the day. The last two times I got migraines I have succeeded, it hurt very little and for a short time, and it's been three weeks without suffering from these pains. I'm happy for having healed from this, and I wanted to share with you. Thank you. Goodbye.-

--Tonny, Argentina

My Dear Klára,
Dear Mabel,
I would like to say thank you for the miracle I have experienced through You and via Ho’oponopono.
No, I am not talking about an Angel falling on me while walking on the street, neither am I surrounded by halo nor a glory, but the most amazing thing has happenned to me.
I have finally understood what life is all about, I recognized its simplicity, beauty, clearity and purity.
It is that simple and so beautiful. It flows by itself, by me, through me and with me…..easily.
Now I can see and recognize my learned behaviors and programmes, and I can laugh in their faces, although there are plenty of them. No , I am not saying that everything has happened over a night, but something has slowly been changing and everything became different.
The biggest change is that now I am able to leave my comfort zone. My fears and wrong beliefs have been swept away literally.
I am occupied in Bach flower remedies and also use „self-sign” therapy. I had been thinking about applying for job a which can be applied for once in every year for years. ( Vodafone- Being an Angel as a full-time job)
I had not had the courage to apply until now. I did not believe in myself, I was sure I won’t be able to make it.
I have always wanted to help children having cancer, but haven’t had the guts to do something to make it happen. I was only dreaming about it,…how great it would be…
After the Ho’oponopono training weekend I was travelling home by underground , and as I sat down I noticed an advertisement demonstrated by an Angel in front of me. Right away I knew I have to turn in my application this year.
I could feel such inner peace and certainty that I became 100% self –confident suddenly. Iam so thankful for it, I have never felt such gratitude. So I have decided to apply for being a full-time Angle, and also got into contact with a Charity working for children diagnosed with cancer.
The feeling of stepping out of your comfort-zone is undescribable.You are shaking and sweating….but still their is an inner feeling that you are totally safe. It stimulates you to make a move, and to push the button.
I have not received any feedback from the Charity yet and I am still working on my application to turn in, it must be uploaded on the webpage until 26th of May, but the substantive part has already been done, it’s irreversible,it’s for good. The doubts are gone.
Dear Klára, Dear Mabel, there are no words to thank this. My freedom is boundless.
Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
With gratitude and love:
I love you and lots of hugs:

--Andi Marosi, Hungary

I’m writing to you one more time to thank you for the light that God is giving me through you. Thank you, thank you for helping so many people that can’t find a meaning in their lives. Today I’m a really different person, my life has been blessed because I’m healthy and that is most important. Problems don’t scare me anymore because I leave everything to our Divine Creator.
I’ve been practicing for almost a month and I’ve stopped taking a lot of depression pills. Now I can travel without fear, I go to the gym, I’m really happy, I have peace no matter what people say… that’s only my memories and I clean every time with the phrases “I’m Sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you and light switch”. I would never end telling you the miracles I’ve had these days with good people that I hadn’t seen for almost 4 years. I saw them on Sunday at the right place. Those are wonderful things that our creator is allowing us to enjoy… I’m cleaning on one of my mother’s sickness, and I’m doing the same with my husband. He already says the phrases, and I‘m doing it with my friends while they tell me their problems… Thank you, thank you. I don’t tell you more because I’m sure I’ll be all night writing! Blessings wherever you go, I love you very much; I wish you come back to Ecuador someday so I can attend your seminars, I love them!
Thank you. God bless you!

~Nancy, Ecuador

Dear Klára,

I would like to share what has happened to me since I heard about the Ho’oponopono and read the book Easiest Way of Life and in addition, I would like to render my thanks.
I had been working in the world of finances, I had been making a rush for money. Though I was successful, I never had time for anything, and a baby sitter looked after my children. Suddenly, my life collapsed, we suffered  enormous loss at the stock-exchange, even my marriage went that. My state was beyond hope. At this time I somehow ran into Bella Bagdi’s song and not long after the book fell into my hands at a bookshop. Soon I started the process of purification although at that time I didn’t really understand what the whole thing was all about.
After a year my marriage was restored, we are happier than ever before. However, I still wasn’t able to find anything inspirational in my work, I couldn’t do my job with passion. Last September I was just sitting at home and was trying to find what that may be. I read the book and I was just strolling about with the book in my hands as there was a part that I could not understand. In the world of business setting the aims, “never give up”, and the Law of attraction were hammered into our head, but the book wasn’t the same. I needed a couple of days to realise that I do not get what I want but what I am. I found out that I can only have disposal of the present moment and that I am responsible for everything happening to me. Finally I could discover that the Law of attraction is not about having a look at the  car, house or journey on my target  but about what I exude. About what my attraction point is like! It’s about what I feel at the moment and how much time I can spend in vibes accordant to my wishes. So I picked the  photos off the wall, I purified my thoughts and changed my way of thinking. By the time the course was held last November, I exactly knew what I wanted. As a hobby, I have been engaged in oriental therapeutics for a long time; therefore I chose health and herbs. I make infusion of herbs and other natural tinctures with joy and zest – and I am really very happy and delighted. After the course, my inner child did not choose the name Keola, but did so my herbs. I have set up a product line with this name and people consume and love my products. I get many questions on every type of problems (not only on health matters) and I can truly recommend the Ho’oponopono method, the books and the course to everyone.

I would like to express my thanks to you and to Mabel.
Thank you!

With love

~Anikó Lévai

Aloha Mabel,
Thank you for your videos, they always teach us something despite the disbelief of some interviewers. “I’m sorry for whatever is in me that created this”. Mabel, I have so much to tell you about how Ho’oponopono has changed my life. My mother suffered nervous crisis and, as since she shows me whatever is in me, I started cleaning without getting hooked. During these two years that I’ve been cleaning, the crisis have been reduced about 80%. Another experience is that I live in Venezuela, in a corner where there used to be car accidents every week. It’s been almost a year that nothing happens! As I told you once in a message: This came into my life to stay, it’s a magical dream where I will never wake up from. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Aloha.

~Jose - Venezuela

Thank you Mabel for this weekend in Barcelona. Wonderful training, everything perfect and right, your teachings and the organization. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~Maria O. R. , Barcelona - Spain

Dear Mabel,

I’d like to share with you the amazing experience of physical and spiritual healing I’ve had, thanks to the sacred Ho’oponopono.
About six months ago I saw a note about Ho’oponopono in El Mercurio newspaper from Santiago de Chile.
It came to my mind a recommendation from my daughter, to repeat the phrases, but at that moment they didn’t make sense to me.
I started to inquire about it, I saw your videos and Dr. Len’s videos, I read testimonies and started practicing.
In January 2014, I was diagnosed to have a benign cyst in the ovary.
I started to pray, asking to erase the wrong memories that brought the cyst, saying that I loved it and asked to transmute it to LOVE AND LIGHT, and I let go.
After a month and a half, I got a new checkup and there was no cyst.
For me it was a one more confirmation that it works at a physical level.
In the emotional level, I’m renewed, with more positive energy, better mood and I keep on practicing, to reinforce the cleaning of my memories,
Thank you for all the good things you do for people.
With love, form another Argentinian in the south of the world.


Hello Mabel,
Let me share with you an experience I had last night. Maybe you can share as a testimony of what happens when we practice Ho’oponopono (I’m new at this practice).  I went to bed and listened to the song “I’m Sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you” interpreted by MARIA BOZZINI. Then I started deleting memories of pain and sadness and I got sleep. I dreamed that my grandma (who died more than six years ago) comes to visit me and, without saying a word, stares at me with much sadness and lies in my left shoulder to cry. I woke up and I felt that the dream was a confirmation that I’m deleting memories… because definitely what my grandma did in that dream was a surrender of all her memories so I could delete them. God… I immediately reminded that she had suffered a lot with love matters. In the morning when I woke up I felt relieved and peaceful…!


Ho'oponopono has made a big difference in my life. I am grateful and constanty trying to learn more to reach a deeper level in love and life.

~Steve, USA

I am living the life of my dreams and I am happy to say you are on my list of persons to admire ... on my MasterMind group. I consult with you, even when you don't know.

~Pamela, Canada

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