Hi Mabel,
First of all, I want to tell you that I love you and that I follow you every day. Also my life has changed, thanks to Ho’oponopono. I have so many experiences to share with you.
The first one experience is that during a trip, I told a friend of mine that whenever she had problems with somebody else she could say, him/her mentally, “I love you.” Last Thursday I was very excited after hearing her tell me that it had worked with an ex- boyfriend of hers as well as with a colleague.
On the other hand, on Saturday night I arrived from Maracaibo, Venezuela, to Valledupar, Colombia, and I had no money and so I went to my brother’s house. As he opened the door he told me that his wife’s cousin was very bad and that she was being possessed by spirits. She was also there with the rest of the family.
Oh my Gosh, Mabel, I wanted to run away but I didn’t have money. The next day a car would pick me up at that address. It was 9.00 pm. So, what could I do? I didn’t have any other options but the cleaning.
I was supposed to sleep in the same room with this young lady. I waited for a moment until I decided to come in. As soon as she saw me, she came towards me, I was scared but I gained courage and I talked to her. I had been thinking about Morrnah’s prayer and I asked her to read it with me. We started reading the prayer and suddenly she stopped, at that moment my body trembled and I felt goose bumps. This happened twice while we were reading the prayer. When she interrupted me I decided to embrace her and tell her, I love you.
Afterwards she decided to sleep with me in the same bed. Once in bed she asked me about the prayer and finally we read it together. To sum it up, I slept perfectly without feeling fear. I just cleaned, and cleaned before going to sleep and she did it too, in the same room, but in two separated beds.
The next day, early in the morning, I left the house. Being at home I called asking for her and they told me she was much better. Today, a day later, I called again and she continues improving but I have to clean with my expectations about it. That night we slept peacefully, I had the opportunity to clean and I ended up feeling a lot of love towards her.
With love,

- Glenia - Colombia.

Mabel, I wanted to share my experience with Ho'oponopono. I have been practicing Ho’oponopono since May of last year. I found you "by chance" on YouTube. At the beginning, I did not understand anything, until I started cleaning more frequently. I shared it with my son who was on drugs. As of today, he is away from them. He also practices Ho'oponopono. So many things have changed in my life. Difficult people went away. Today I'm happy and I have a high self-esteem. I'm loving and accepting myself just the way I am. I'm beautiful (at least is how I feel). Thank you Mabel! I watch your videos daily. Little by little, and by letting go of the expectations, we start adjusting ourselves. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.

- Maria - Argentina.

Hi Mabel, 
Thanks to you, I know about Ho'oponopono. Since I started practicing it, I have started to get many employment contracts and many clients. Wonderful opportunities! I used to have a low salary and then I decided to become independent and let go and let God. Thanks Mabel for your amazing work. You have changed my life!

- Bego - Canada.

Hello dear Mabel:
I’ve been thinking about sending to you these two experiences I had with this wonderful technique.
Here is the first one: One day I was cleaning my memories regarding the academic grades from one of my twin sons aged 13, who had to perform well at multiple exams to pass his school year which was about to end. I repeated a “switch word” and suddenly I heard an authoritative voice that said, "Say this tool." My son passed his school year. I had never heard anything in several years I've been doing the cleaning.
The other testimony is this: My other twin son is special. For this situation, I receive school aid from the company I work for, which is part of the state. Last year, when I received the notification that my son would only receive $ 2.000.0000 (Colombian pesos) (much less than half of the previous year), I was shocked, but said, "Thank you, thank you". I talked with the chief in Human Resources and he confirmed that the budget had decreased. Well, I started to clean with my other son, the one I mentioned before, thinking that I would obtain the rest of the money winning the lottery or something like that (because once I needed money for another situation like this, and got it that way. This was long before I practiced Ho'oponopono). But time passed and I did not win anything, so I gave up on how I would get the money. My son told me I would be paid the full amount, and I replied that I wouldn’t, because when state institutions already establish a budget, they cannot change it.
I received the visit of the new principal advisor, asking about the concerns in this region. I told her about my son’s aid, and she confirmed what I had said to my son, but he insisted that they were going to give me that money. A month after the visit of the advisor, I turned on my computer, and I saw an email announcing 100% for the special aid, but this would be for the term of 2015 (although this was already good news because it was the first time they awarded this percentage which was notified well in advance). I mentioned this to my son, we kept on cleaning, and he insisted that the money would be paid in full. Well, it turned out that on November 29 last year, I called the Human Resources office and they informed me that there was a balance amounting to $ 4,511,000 (Colombian pesos) and had been assigned to my child, receiving a total of $ 6,511,000… More than last year!
With this situation, I learned that problems are opportunities to receive blessings and we should not try to solve things from the intellect.

God bless you for your teachings.

- Lizette - Colombia.

Hi Mabel,
I want to congratulate you for being a peace award winner, for your seminars and your conferences. I haven’t been able to attend any of these events yet. I’m very grateful for the people that are able to attend, and I bless you always. Do you remember me? A few months ago, I desperately shared that I had problems with my 15 year old daughter, my sister, and my mom. I listened to your words; I cleaned nonstop day and night. First, the relationship with my daughter improved. Then, time went by and my father in law passed away. My mom and dad received the news, and after many months of not seeing each other, they came to see my husband for support. Two days later, my sister gave birth to her first baby. I was very angry at her, but out of nowhere, a few days later I asked my husband if he wanted to go see my sister's baby. We both went, it seems incredible, but I realized all the suffering she had gone through. It was a life lesson. They performed a C-section, it became infected, and she needed to be hospitalized. She wanted me by her side. I told her to say: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”. I constantly repeated these words to the baby and he gave me a look, sort of understanding what I was saying. He is a very calm baby. Everything ended good, and today we are better than before.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Mabel. I love you, I love you, and I love you.
Oh! I almost forgot! I’m 44 years old, last night I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I keep cleaning.

- Gabriela, Argentina

Back in August, I decided to go to a nutritionist in order to improve my eating habits. For the first time in my life I don’t feel like I’m on diet. Even better, I choose to eat healthy, which means I don't have to be hungry or suffer!
I lost 15 kg, but I still have some more to go! Last week I got a blood test (It’s something that makes me feel a bit nervous, that even my blood pressure goes down). I repeated "thank you, thank and thank you", before, during and after the blood test. During the test, I didn't even feel the needle. The nurse was very sweet to me. The process didn't leave any marks! I told the little girl inside me it wouldn't hurt, and to be calm. That day in the afternoon I decided to reward her with a delicious snack.
I send you a big hug,

- Gimena, Argentina

Ho'oponopono is a very nice tool that saved my life. Ho'oponopono showed me the way and it fills me with happiness, humility and joy. Ho’oponopono never stops. The most beautiful part is that it’s eternal like the Universe. It teaches us more everyday, and shows us lovely things that live in our hearts and our being. Blessed be the day that I found you Mabel, and you taught me "The Easiest Way". Thank you, I love you.

- Juan Manuel, Chile

My beloved Mabel,
Yesterday I had my first workshop in front of 250 women. I've spoke about "fear of failing " that was the subject.
I did my cleaning right before the women came, and I continued cleaning while I made my presentation.
Suddenly I had a thought and finished my presentation earlier than I had to, and I asked if someone wanted to share her biggest problem.
No one had the courage to do that. Then I asked, could I choose one of you? They said YES. In that moment, I received an information from my inner child about a woman who had a big lose in her life. I've asked the other participants to say in their minds one of these words:"I love you, thank you, I'm sorry or please forgive me" while a lovely woman that I chose would tell us about her pain. Then she started crying while she said: "I don't know how you chose me, because I had a great loss in my life. My husband died few weeks ago and also other two family members...." And she continue to say... "We all clean with that"...
At the end I said "Thank you."
It was an amazing experience in my life that I wanted to share with you.
I bless the day that I've met you for the first time in 2009...
I love you so much.
Thank you,

- Irina - Romania

Two weeks ago I received some very bad news. I found out that a client, for whom I had completed his taxes prior to the contributions deadline, wanted to reactivate his account. There was a problem: the corresponding internal rental revenue department did not allow him to do so, because apparently, they did not reflect any contributions declared for the 2011 year.
In conclusion, it was a debt of $6,000USD, plus penalties and interests of three years. Even though my mood was on the floor, I remembered your words from the seminar I attended in Quito and I tried to let go of my worries. I even shared it with my mother, because she too attended the seminar. We dedicated ourselves to clean with different tools, “thank you”, “I love you” and we meditated with our inner child. Every time they would postpone the meeting with my client, I would be thankful because I appreciated the additional time to clean. Today I received the excellent news that everything was resolved. I did not have to appear, because in one of the documents that I presented to them, there was a very detailed and clear note in which I indicated the steps to follow. So they determined that it was neither my fault nor responsibility.
Thank you, thank you and thank you!
Today I feel relieved, because I did not have to use the money I had saved up to pay for the client’s owed taxes.
The Peace of I.

- Ma. Augusta, Ecuador

Hi everybody!
Some days ago I started practicing Ho'oponopono, moment by moment. The last two days something very special happened to me. Apparently, I kept memories of guilt regarding the relationship with the father of my daughter, because he cheated on me. Suddenly, I read a message, I felt lighter and I repeated “Thank You”. Today, searching on Facebook, I saw an article on how to eliminate stretch marks. I have a few due to my pregnancy. Suddenly, I closed the article and realized how much I love my body, and how grateful I am to have my daughter in my life. Thank youuuu, thank youuuu, and thank you!!!

- Mercedes, Puerto Rico

I want to share about my overcoming experiences. Since I was a child I have been hearing that I was clumsy and not good at sports. Consequently, I have always been clumsy and not very good at sports. I attended Mabel’s workshop in Madrid last November. Coming back home, a friend of mine asked me to run the marathon of San Silvestre. At first I thought, I can’t run 10 kilometers, but then I didn’t think about it so much anymore and I accepted it.  This would be a great opportunity to clean memories. On December 27, 2014, I ran the marathon. I cleaned during the entire race. In my mind, I just kept saying, thank you, thank you,
thank you
. There were many “thank you” during the 10 kilometers. As far as my kids, friends and even me, it wouldn’t have been possible, but I made it. Here is another short testimony: I live in Portugal. The sea is so cold that I immediately get cold. I love the sea but due to my fear of getting sick, I do not do it very often. Well on January, 3, 2015, I went to the beach with some friends just to have a walk and contemplate its beauty. While I was there I cleaned on everything I saw. A friend of mine went swimming (we had 6 degrees). Then the other one went swimming too (she is a doctor and had explained us there wasn’t any danger at all regarding swimming in cold water).I thought this it is another opportunity to clean. There is no reason to get sick, and this is a memory too. I went swimming and I enjoyed it like I was a little girl. I cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned. The next day I woke up healthy and did not even have a sore throat or a cold. That memory was erased by God.

- Lauren – Spain

Aloha, Dear Mabel,
Since I was a child, I knew that God gave me this body to accomplish a very special mission; to make amends from the past. I can remember being in other bodies in the past, but especially in one of them, in which I was Jewish. I betrayed the light, becoming myself dark, killing and being cruel.
Why wasn't I able to accomplish my mission yet? I don't know but now Ho'oponopono, from you, I let go and let God. I do know I found my way and everything else I give it to God. I will keep going, and it will be in God's time.
I know there are no coincidences. Divinity always told me, that when I was an adult, I would know about a woman that would help me in my inner search. Today I know it's you.
Happy Holidays! A warm embrace

- Ivan – Mexico

Hi Mabel!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your example and dedication in reminding us, “What is the way! It is unbelievable how we forget and get hooked up with the movie.

The mobile app is wonderful, because it is always visible and on hand. It reminds me to clean and especially in these days, as I need “intensive cleaning." This is due to my family having a difficult and painful family situation. My mother is suffering a very important senile decay, with some episodes of verbal abuse. I copied the image of The Flor de Lis, and I put it as wallpaper in my cell phone. I can see it all the time and I clean, clean, clean. Not only am I calmer, but it seems that my mother is better!!

Another idea came to me; to send to my relatives, the image of PEACE BEGINS WITH ME, by WhatsApp, with The Flor de Lis, wishing them a HAPPY 2015.

Thank you for being here for me!
I love you. Thank you.
Peace on the World

- Silvana - Argentina

Hi there! I would like to share with you that I knew about this technique through a Mexican writer that mentioned it in a course. Then I decided to look for more information because something inside of me made a click and that is how I found Mabel’s website. After two years, last year I had the possibility to attend to one of Mabel’s seminars and since then I have been practicing it a lot more. This year God gave me the gift of being in the spiritual tour with Mabel and Veronica (September, 2014). It was beautiful and nice and miraculous things have been happening to me since I repeat “thank you” and “I love you” all the time. I used to say: “I cannot” and now I say: “I can”. This technique is truly the easiest way, thanks God and all the things and people you put within arm’s reach. Thank you, Mabel. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. 

- Alis Lopez, Mexico

Today I arrived to Madrid- Barajas’ airport. While picking up my luggage with my energy at the fullest (I cleaned ceaseless for almost 4 hours) and a big smile (people looked at me and smiled. Many of them got closer, maybe to get that nice energy God was giving to me). With my heart slowly beating I said: “Hello my dear Madrid… I came back to visit you…. How beautiful are you!” And for the first time and a female voice Madrid told me: “I love you". A tear cam, and I went into a deep state of calm. 
Daily from when I was a child, the spiritual world speaks to me, that‘s normal for me. But I don’t know why this other divine “event” has brought me a beatitude of other plans: I cannot even describe it… I just keep cleaning … and enjoying…
Thank you Mabel for your cleaning. It always comes through loud and clear. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you I love you.

Of course my dear Mabel I’m looking forward to seeing you here in my beautiful city of Madrid November, 29th &30th for your seminar! 
Woooooooooooooow!! … I’m very excited about it! 
Thank you, thank you, 

- Francesca DX, Italia

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